Area of operation

Rural communities throughout Nepal which are lagging behind the national development program.

Achievement Highlights

Forestry/Environment Sector:

•    1.1 million forest, fodder and fruit (3F) seedlings distributed to/planted in 4,500 farming households, 10 community forests, 15 schools and other local institutions in the 8 VDCs of the project site in Solukhumbhu and Kathmandu
•    30 leader farmers, 15 sub-leader farmers and 200 general farmers trained on tree plantation, protection and take care.
•    80 model farmers awarded with agricultural/silvicultural tools & plants for their outstanding work in tree plantation and conservation.
•    70 farmers participated in in-country study tour and 2 leader farmers participated in organic farming study tour in Japan
•    2000 school students participated in School Environment Education Program.
•    Hundreds of booklets, posters, & pamphlets on tree plantation, protection & environmental conservation produced and distributed to target beneficiaries, such as farmers, women, students, etc.
•    10 Community forest users groups supported in community forest development and 2 Community Forest User Group's office building and shed constructed.
•    70,000 different species of tree saplings distributed to 15 community forests.
•    Sustainable Community Forest Award worth Rs. 10,000 given to 4 FUGs
•    2 arboretums established in two community forests.
•    Goli village  Community Forest Coordination Committee formed in LGN’s initiation.
•    A forest nursery with capacity of producing 100,000 seedlings per year established.

Education Sector:

•    15 classrooms constructed/reconstructed in 4 public schools.
•    Drinking water facility developed in 6 schools.
•    Toilet facility developed in 8 schools.
•    Furniture provided to 19 schools.
•    500 trees planted in 12 schools.
•    150 girl students benefited from girl students scholarship program.
•    10,000 students from 24 public schools benefited

Sustainable Agriculture Sector:

•    78 farmers growing Japanese pear, persimmon, kiwi benefited
•    Fruit garden of 110 farmers strengthened
•    Capacity of 5 model fruit gardens and nurseries enhanced.
•    High quality fruit products linked to the markets
•    Consumers informed about high quality agro-products through festival and radio program
•    Organic farming introduced to 300 women farmers and 50 male leader farmers
•    High Quality Agro-product Center established.

Small Community Infrastructure Development Sector 
•    10 natural drinking water sources renovated
•    4 rainwater harvest reservoirs constructed
•    1 training hall and 1 two storey Project Site Office building constructed
•    1 women multi-purpose hall constructed.
•    1 health post building constructed
•    1 Community forest users' group office room and 1 shed house constructed.

Community Health Sector:

•    2 Health post building constructed/reconstructed.
•    6 Health Camp organized
•    1725 patients benefited from health camps
•    126 Community Health Volunteer and Traditional Birth Attendant trained.

Launched in 2010, Friendship Society Nepal (FSN) supports activities of non-governmental and community-based organizations in developing countries towards climate change abatement, conservation of biodiversity, protection of international waters, reduction of the impact of persistent organic pollutants and prevention of land degradation while generating sustainable livelihoods.

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