School Education projects


Most of the projects we are involved in can be replicated in other communities, using the SEED Model introduced in Lura by Eric Renz( SEED Alliances)

  1. School Education projects:

The major objective of Friendship Society Nepal is to launch education projects for the unprivileged children of rural Nepal through formal and informal education programs and vocational training.

We choose to carry out these projects specifically in remote parts of hilly and mountain regions where the children and women are in real need of education. We believe that education is the main factor responsible for the development of our country but unfortunately we have a very low literacy rate in Nepal with only 40% of total population being literate. The literacy rate in male is 55% and 25% in female. Various reasons surround the low literacy rate in Nepal including people’s ignorance and illiteracy, poverty, child marriage etc. Hence in our project our primary importance is the awareness of people in rural part of Nepal.

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