HIV/AIDS Awareness Program

Millions of children and adults have been affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic by contracting the infection or seeing those close to them suffer from this aggressive disease. As women play the childbearing role this means that they are faced with issues such as mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS. The responsibility that goes along with caring for HIV/AIDS patients can be emotionally draining and expensive. As the primary care givers for children and the elderly women are usually those that take on the role of career for those affected by the virus.

This is an issue that is widespread among the Nepalese community as a substantial number of homeless youth, orphans and other individuals affected by extreme poverty will contract the virus through the sharing of syringes, unprotected sexual encounters or other means of transmission. This life threatening disease demands medical attention and if left untreated can result in other health problems and premature death. A vast majority of the Nepalese community are not aware of how the virus is contracted and individuals that are affected by the virus are often discriminated against and shunned from their families and communities. This is an issue that we hope to raise awareness for by educating the community on ways to prevent transmission of HIV/AID's and the stigma attached to the virus.

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