Book Donation Program

Book Donation Program

book gift in Nepal

Books gift projects to neighborhood libraries and schools in Nepal

Most open libraries and school in Nepal acknowledge blessing books. The libraries of schools and open libraries are in continually requiring of help and they warmly welcome the guide. People trying to give books to libraries are urged to reach us so we will send up to nearby library .It would be great in the event that you make it a piece of volunteering and specifically giving book without anyone else arranging a capacity.

You can either purchase books here or gather new or utilized books there and carry it with yourself or send up to us.

On the off chance that conceivable you can help make and outfit libraries inside existing kids' focuses; and schools. We empower kids who might not approach an open library to find the universe of books.

How about we buy and give library bound books to make a genuine loaning project to acclimate youngsters with standard practices. Books ought to be deliberately chosen to mirror the foundations and educational encounters of the kids in that group. We can give additionally tyke well disposed seats and tables, bright covers, listening focuses, manikins, motivational publications and progressively if conceivable..

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