Women's Empowerment Program

Friendship Society Nepal  Women Empowerment volunteer program, focuses on empowering women and children from some of the most poverty stricken areas of the country. It aims to support and uplift the women in Nepalese society; and provide a secure future to the children through various volunteer programs. Many women and children survivors of conflict are from rural areas and often end up working in miserable and vulnerable conditions to make ends meet, putting their life, education, physical and mental health at risk.

Many women and children in these situations work as bonded laborers and domestic helpers who are often physically and emotionally abused by their employers and seniors. Women and children in these conditions need proper counseling and guidance to assist in their rehabilitation. The goal of this project is to work in conjunction with these women and children to regain their rights, identity and status within society. This can be achieved by integrating those affected back into society and working to build relationships with existing family members. Offering extensive rehabilitation for those who may have lost their families due to poverty and/or conflict through education and training programs.

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