Sponsorship program to orphanage children's

Nepal is home to more orphans than most countries as a result of a very high poverty rate and unemployment rate. Another huge influence was the very recent Nepali Civil War (1996-2006) in which it is estimated 15,000 people were killed and 150,000 were internally displaced, leaving government social programs in tatters. Education is a difficult task for most families, half the population lives on 1$ US per day, and because of this many children begin life in the workforce at a very young age, often in very undesirable working conditions.

The government is unable to provide any type of welfare plan for disadvantaged families and child abandonment is a very common occurrence in poor communities where the parents can barely provide for themselves. Other factors effecting Nepal's high number of orphans include domestic violence and social discrimination. Friendship Society Nepal partners with a number of other orphanages and community poor children sponsorship program expanding their social support network for these abandoned children, and helping as many as possible. 

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