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The 21 day itinerary takes in your arrival in Kathmandu, trip to Gorakhani Village in the Lower Himalayas, work in and around the village, the return trip to Kathmandu and the three day, two night Adventure Jungle Safari. All costs, including hotel stays in Kathmandu, transport to and from the village, porters, meals etc., are covered by Take on Nepal. Further expenses would only apply if you chose to stay in Nepal outside of the program.

The itinerary outlined below is not fixed, and can change depending on circumstances on the ground, such as local events and the time of year. Additional side trips might be made if Nima Dorjee Tamang ething worthy presents itself.

All groups will be led by Nima Dorjee Tamang from Nepal & Brigitte Muir from Australia. He was born in Gorakhani-8 village, and knows the area intimately. Nima Dorjee Tamang has led many groups of Australian and European visitors to Gorakhani and Lura Village.

Pike Peak Trek (Lower Khumbu Trek)

The PIKE PEAK Trek is one of the most beautiful, off the beaten track, parts of the Himalayas. In the foothills of the Khumbu region, it offers outstanding views of snow-capped mountains and a chance to experience some of the Nepali culture. The route will ascend to 4065 meters and will require a moderate level of fitness, but will prove to be a very rewarding adventure.

This 13,500 feet Pike peak entwines with the Chyabe across east to west. The name Pike comes from the two titles of the Sherpas and Tamangs.The month of July is a time of great celebration as the locals worship their clan god, the eastern Chyabo Pike, as Pike Hlapchen Karbu in the celebrations. This is a trail through Jiri-Chaulakharka-Ngaur- to reach the Pike Daanda (Hill) area. Another trail leads from Pike Daanda to Phaplu through Paanch Pokari and Tamakhani located north east from the district centre Salleri. The Pike Daanda is most popular for its sunrise and sunset views and one can enjoy the glorious sight of the peaks beyond the Kathmandu Valley to the plains along with the Himalayan range of Mt. Everest, Makalu and Annapurna.As well you can see the beautiful mountains from Japre and Chayadanda too. This is an most popular trekking in the Nepal, This route has been opened on the request of our friends from United Kingdom, Italia and France.

This is a trail through Jiri-Chaulakharka-Ngaur- to reach the Pike Daanda (Hill) area. Another trail leads from Pike Daanda to Phaplu through Paanch Pokari and Tamakhani located north east from the district centre Salleri. The Pike Daanda is most popular for its sunrise and sunset views and one can enjoy the glorious sight of the peaks beyond the Kathmandu Valley to the plains along with the Himalayan range of Mt. Everest, Makalu and Annapurna.

Trek Program: Kathmandu to Jiri, Pike Peak, Japre, Chimding, Chyalsa Tibetan camp and Phaplu.

Duration: 13 Days

Difficulty: Medium/Easy

Pax: Minimum +2 Pax

Maximum Altitude: 4,067M. On the top of the Pike Peak.

Trekking Style: Camping & Non Tourist Area.

Able to visit: Buddhist Monastery, Mountain views and blooming of the rhododendrons, Local village and Local market it is a cultural journey.
Itinerary in Details:

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu Tribhuwan international airport and drop to the Hotel. A pre-trek briefing will be conducted at which maps and other general information will be distributed. This will also offer you the ideal opportunity to ask any last-minute questions. A sightseeing tour will be arranged or you are free to taxi around and do your own thing. Overnight at Hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 02: Free day for Guest and preparation day for trek where you can do some shopping buy the trekking gears, as you will have another Second Option Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing.

Day 03: DEPATURE FROM KATHMANDU TO JIRI (1955m.): On the First day we drive for 220 K.M. from Kathmandu to Jiri By Private Vehicle (e.g. Jeep, bus or express bus) The bus goes or follow through the KODARI road (Tibet road) then turns off to Jiri & cross the Bhote kosi (River) which is one the most famous river for the Rafting and Kayaking in Nepal. We cross the bridge of the river falling down from Tibet border. It takes about 8/9 hours. Over night at lodge in Jiri.

Day 04: JIRI TO SHIVALAYA: Second day, we get up early in the morning; you will have breakfast at 8AM in the Morning. After breakfast we will be started our walking with a climb to the ridge of top at 2,370m. Then drop down to Shivalaya1750m. It takes about 4 to 5 hours. Over night at Shivalaya at Camp.

Day 05: SHIVALAYA TO DEURALI: Third day we walk from Shivalaya and climb to Sangmudanda (2150M) After it we walk all the way up to Kharso bas (2500M) then to Deurali pass at (2705M) fixed the camp site and visit to Thodung Buddhist Monastery at (3090M) and visit to yak cheese factory which is established in 1950s by the Swiss Aid and back to camp at Deurali. From Deurali if the weather is clear then you may have a chance to see mountains views of Gaurishankar, Annapurna range and many more small peaks.(4/5 hours walk).

Day 06: DEURALI TO NAMKHILI: On the fourth day we walk start down to Bandar where is the Sherpa people settlement of big village and Buddhist monastery and all the way down to Rosi Khola ( Rosi River) and cross the Rosi river and start climb up to Chaulakahrka and have a lunch and climb up to namkhili at 1800M.from namkhili also you may have a chance to see some mountains views.

Day 07: NAMKHILI TO NGAWAR GUMPA. (MONASTRY): Again walk starts with the climb up to Goli gumpa danda where it is also Sherpa settlement and there is some Buddhist Monastery and all the way climb up to Ngawar Gumpa at 3350M. Camp near by Buddhist Monastery and Cheese factory. This day you may have a more mountains views and beautiful valley views. This day you will be walking in the forest of rhododendrons. (5/6 hours walk).

Day 08: NGAWAR GUMPA TO PIKE PEAK BASE CAMP AT PLACE CALL DAIRY: This day we will have a short camp we will be in Camp earlier than previous days. And you will have a rest for the acclimazation if the weather is nice then climb up to Pike Peak and back to camp site this day you will be walking in the forest of the rhododendrons and in the end of April and May there are really blooming of rhododendrons flowers. Sleep at 3730M.

Day 09: Early in the morning climb to Pike peak to see the sun rise for 1 hours climb. This day if the weather is clear then you may have a chance to see mountain views with the sun rise and the mountain views like: Mount Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Maklu, Kanchanjunga, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri these are the mountain of up to 8000M.and there are many more small peaks are standing. And back to Camp and have a break fast and start to walk on the ridge to Bulbule and trek to Japre monastery there is a beautiful and old Buddhist Monastery of the reason it is standing in Tapting V. D. C. This day you will be walking on the ridge on looking to mountains views and Blooming of rhododendrons. And this day will be long day as well. Overnight at Japre 2870M.

Day 10: JAPRE TO LAPCHA (GORAKHANI): This day also you will be walking on ridge to Fhokte danda and you may have chance to keep the EVEREST views with you till to phokte danda and drop down to Chimding to Sisa to Lapcha village. this day half day walking and you will have half day free for laundry service and camp in the village Lapcha is a big village and settlement of Tamang, Newar, Sherpa and Sunuwar these are the different of the cast of the peoples of Lapcha and there are more than 150 houses are standing and total population is 2500.

Day 11: This day you will have an acclimazation day, where you are free to visit Schools, Villages
And where you will be shown cultural Dance during the Night time after your dinner.

Day 12: LAPCHA TO PATTALE: There is a local market where the local people use to go to buy the needed things like salt, Rice chilly and many more things but it use to be on every Friday. and from there also you may have a chance to see Mountains views as well and this day you will be crossing by the local village on looking if the peoples are working in those field and in the region they can grow as Maize, Potato’s, White, many more as vegetables but must thing they use to grow Maize, Potato’s and White. Overnight at Camp at 2840M.

Day 13: PATTALE TO CHYALSA TIBETAIN SETELMENT: Walk start to drop down to Salme khola
And climb up to Chyalsa Tibetan camp. At 2770M.

Day 14: CHYALSA TO PHAPLU: This day you will be walking on the ridge of the Ratnange danda and you may have chance to see the mountain views to close to you and nice views of Dudkunda. This day is a last day of the trek and camp at Phaplu near by airport at 2469M and in the afternoon you may visit of the center district of Solukhumbu it is like small town and area call Salleri settlement of Newar peoples and there are government office of district as well. If you get there again you may have a chance to visit in the local market of Salleri of the week of Saturday.

Day 15: PHAPLU TO KATHMANDU: This is another opportunity to enjoy this great flight. Upon arrival back in Kathmandu we will stay at the Hotel in Kathmandu. Overnight there.

Day 16: This day you will have a free day and you can have your shopping day in Kathmandu(Thamel) and visit as you like.

Day 17: Departure from Kathmandu Tribhuwan international airport.

Itinerary 2nd Option:

Day 1
Your arrival in Kathmandu. You will be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel in the city by a Take On Nepal team member. All volunteers in your group, regardless of where they come from or when they arrive, will be housed initially in the same hotel, giving you the opportunity to get to know them from Day 1.

Day 2
Your first day will begin with breakfast at your hotel. A Take on Nepal Team Member will provide orientation and information about the following day's trek. You will be reminded of everything that is needed for your time in the village and shown shops to stock up for the trip ahead. As Kathmandu is the starting point for all Himalayan trekkers, many shops do exist to cater to Western tastes, though they are quite basic. Any luxuries you cannot do without should be brought with you from home. It's also a good idea to carry a stock of energy bars (or chocolate), as these can be difficult to get hold of once you reach the village. These bars could prove a life-line if you find the local village food difficult to eat.

As well as chocolate bars, we recommend that you purchase toilet paper and any other essential items that you may have forgotten. You will also be able to hire/purchase a sleeping bag from a shop in Kathmandu.
After breakfast you will be guided to the famous Buddhist Swayambunath Temple in Kathmandu. This temple attracts Buddhists and tourists from around the world. The view of Kathmandu valley from the top of the temple is stunning. The group will then enjoy a local lunch at a typical Nepali restaurant. The time after lunch is allocated for purchasing items for your time in the village.
The group will come together after shopping to enjoy a traditional Nepali dinner, after which you will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns and will be briefed on the following day's plans.

Day 3
Time to hit the road, so put on your walking boots. The day will start early with a 7am breakfast at your hotel, after which a car/mini bus will take you on a 10 hour drive to Solukhumbhu on the outskirts of Kathmandu. This will be a long day, taking in Nima Dorjee Tamang truly stunning scenery, and should provide you with Nima Dorjee Tamang great memories. The pace will be slow, so you don't need to be super-fit to enjoy the experience. Overnight at Hotel in Phaplu

Day 4
You will be woken up early to enjoy the sunrise over the Himalayan mountain range. We strongly encourage everyone to wake up to this unforgettable experience.
After breakfast, we will commence our downhill walk to Gorakhani Village or Lura Village, where you will experience Nima Dorjee Tamang great views of the Himalayas. The surrounding scenery is breathtaking, and you will look across a vast valley and see rice fields, villages and people going about their daily lives in rural Nepal. This section of the walk will take you along the ridge overlooking surrounding mountains. Many travellers have commented on it being a humbling experience. Upon arriving in Gorakhani village at approximately 2pm, you will meet Nima Dorjee Tamang family or Lakpa Family and enjoy your first meal in the village.

After lunch, you will be settled into your rooms and will have the opportunity to freshen up and to have a short rest before being introduced to the children who live in the village. These children are either orphaned or from disadvantaged backgrounds. You will be given a short tour of the surrounding area before enjoying dinner.
After dinner, you will have the option of free time or of offering tuition and support to the children living in the School. After the long walks of the previous two days, that sleeping bag is sure to look inviting.

Day 5
You will wake up to the sounds of the village: children chattering and cocks crowing. Your first morning will start with a hot cup of tea in the shadow of snow topped mountains, followed by a group orientation session with your group leader. After breakfast, you will be guided to the village school where you will be introduced to the principal, teachers and students. Your morning will be spent being taught ang furba sherpae basic Nepali, a level of which will allow you to have basic conversations with the villagers.

You will return to the hostel for lunch. After lunch, your Nepali lesson will continue until 4pm.
When the children return from school, we encourage you to assist them with their chores (collecting firewood, cutting grass, preparing dinner, etc.), or you have the option of playing and teaching ang furba sherpae new games with the younger children and assisting with homework.
Dinner will be provided at approximately 6:30 pm. The evening is your free time to do with as you choose. Many volunteers have loved spending time with the hostel children, teaching and learning through stories, dance and song around the fire.

Day 6
The real work begins! After breakfast you will go to the local school and be provided with orientation about your placement in the classroom. All volunteers will be given set lesson plans to ensure that the children are receiving a high standard of support and teaching. You are most welcome to incorporate your own ideas into the plans or to develop your own lesson plans for the students. The local students have encountered Western volunteers before, and always find the experience enjoyable.
You will return to the hostel at 1pm for lunch. After lunch you will be introduced to the village women, and will spend time getting to know their families and learning about a typical day in their lives.

Days 7 - 10
On these days your work at the school and in the village will continue as outlined in Day 5. During the week you will be given choices of activities to participate in. Though the first day teaching in the school and working with the villagers can be a little daunting, you'll find that you quickly get used to the experience.
In the afternoons you will spend time with the women, working alongside them as they go about their daily duties.
A series of three night classes for the women will be scheduled during your stay in the village. The classes will allow the village women and Australian women to gain a deeper understanding of each other.

Day 11
Day off -- a little R&R. You will enjoy a relaxing day with your group. Your local guide will take you to the highest mountain top in the village, where the views of the surrounding mountains are spectacular. Here you will enjoy a picnic lunch and relaxing time before walking back down to the village in time for dinner.
This day will also be an opportunity for you to share your experiences and thoughts with your group members and leader.

Day 12
Back to work! Your day will follow the same schedule as days 5-10.

Day 13
On this, your last day of volunteer work, you will spend the morning teaching classes. You will enjoy your last lunch in the village with the school teachers. After lunch you will say your goodbyes to the teachers and the students before returning to the hostel to pack and prepare for your departure the following morning.
In the evening, you will say your goodbyes to the women and the families that you have been spending time with.

Day 14
On your final morning you will enjoy breakfast before commencing an adventurous four wheel drive journey back down to Kathmandu. You will depart Gorakhani village Or Lura Village at approximately 5am and will stop in a small town for a local style lunch at approx 1pm.
The 4WD trip in an incredible experience in itself. You will pass through small villages with spectacular mountain views.
You will arrive in Kathmandu at approx 5pm, where you will dropped off at your hotel and given much needed time to relax and shower.

Day 15
Free day in Kathmandu to do as you choose.

Day 16
Today you will have an early morning breakfast and drive to Chitwan, 150 kilometres from Kathmandu. The beautiful drive will take you through lush forest and along the banks of the Trisuli river. Upon arrival, you will check into the hotel, after which you will be informed about your upcoming activities. The afternoon will be spent enjoying bird watching and in the evening you will attend a Tharu Cultural show.

Day 17
After breakfast, you will be taken on an Elephant Jungle Safari into Chitwan National Park, where you will be exposed to a myriad of animal and bird life while riding an elephant.

Day 18
You will be transported back to Kathmandu. The journey will take approximately 6 hours, and you will travel along rivers, through villages and rugged countryside until reaching the city.

Day 19
Your final day in Kathmandu is a free day for you to do as you choose. Many people take the time to shop (our local guide can advise you on the best shops in the area), others enjoy exploring the cultural side of the city.
In the evening, you will enjoy a final traditional Nepali meal with your group. This is a time to reflect on the incredible journey that you have been on.

Day 20
On your final day in Kathmandu you will spend the morning at Patan, a UNESCO world heritage site. Patan is one of three Royal cities in the Kathmandu Valley, and is a centre of fine art and Buddhist and Hindu culture.
In the afternoon, you will be provided with the opportunity to enjoy free time for shopping or resting and in the evening you will enjoy a farewell traditional Nepalese Dinner with your group and guide.

Day 21

Deparature Day

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