Sponsorship for a Poor Children

Nepal is one of the richest country in the world in terms of its natural resources and culture. Nepal known as country with largest mountain ranges including out of 14 highest mountains in the in the world, 10 of them are in Nepal. It is land of Mt. Everest, birth place of Buddha (Lumbini), and famous for friendly people in the world. Though country is rich in nature resources, huge potential for the tourism, friendly and hard working happy people, economically it is one of the least developed and the poorest country in the world. The per-capita income of Nepali people is 165€ (US $240), and more than 40% of Nepali people are illiterate. More than 45% people does not understand the value of education.

Most of the people has no money or resources to eat more than 3 months in a year. Simply they do not have any income, some of them have very low income which even not able to buy for Kerosene (lamp), salt and cooking oil. We do have fact that some of the poor family die lack of proper treatments.This country today depend on foreign helps and supports especially remote areas of Nepal except very little percentage of the population.

Since most of the people who are very poor and busy with arranging 'bed and butter' each day, there is no fund of educating their children. 14 years conflict in the country even make worse with family who lives in the remote areas of Nepal. The poverty is one thing, the other side, there are always some natural disasters such as floods and landslides, wild fires etc. Sometime they even lost all what they have. And there are more than 40% of the population is under-nourished; life expectancy is low and TB, typhoid and cholera are still widespread.

This country does not have any social security, health insurance (if someone got sick, if you have money you can get the treatment if not, wait and die) and support for education. Government announces for free primary schools, but those programs are ineffective due to proper guidelines, stable leadership and continuity of the plan. The government free primary education plan only include school fee (they do not have to pay free for school) but not the rest of the expenses such as their child's books, copies, pen and pencils, school dress (uniforms), admission fee, exam free, lunch and other day to day expense. Besides this, government program only apply in government schools where most of the places there is no schools. Even there is, the infrastructure of the schools are very poor such as no benches to sit, no blackboard to read, no water for drinks, no ground for play. Condition of the government’s school is worst and some of the school even do not have enough teachers as well.


We have asked members of our women's groups to select students from their midst, whom they think are particularly needy or deserving of being sponsored. We have been surprised by the unanimity or their choices. We accept both boys and girls.

Yes, girls are at a particular disadvantage in Nepali society, but we cannot promise you a girl. Members of our women’s groups fully understand the need to educate girls, and choose girls and boys in equal numbers, because everyone has the right to an education. We have decided to respect the women’s choices and we seem to get an equal number of boys and girls to be sponsored.

In addition to this sponsorship program, Friendship Society Nepal (FSN) has its own SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM to help girls with higher education. You are welcome to make a separate donation to EDWON.

The sponsor promises to support the child for at least three years - but we hope for continued support until the child has passed the SLC- the national school leaving exam given after 10th grade.

As a sponsor you will be asked to contribute $100, due every April 1st. To sign up for this year, $75 is payable now to cover the cost for this year until April 2016.

The child's family will use the sum to pay for school uniform, supplies, and if applicable tuition, and good nutrition and clothing. The rest of your contribution is a stipend to the family as encouragement to send the child to school instead of work.
15% of your sponsorship fee is kept aside for administration.

You will receive an update on your child twice a year as well as photos, and if at all possible, letters. Our staff in Kathmandu visits your child four times a year, when the family receives one quarter of the annual stipend. Our staff member meets with the child the family and the school to assess your child’s progress and the family situation. If there are problems our staff member tries to help solving them and acts as a resource. She or he also takes pictures and assists with letter writing. A short report is prepared after each visit.

You are encouraged to write letters telling her/him about yourself, your family and your world, but please do not make promises you cannot keep, even veiled ones. We discourage mailing care packages, even though the need is great. It would be an undue burden for our staff members to deliver them. But monetary assistance is welcome.

Upon sending in your contribution, you will receive photos and a profile of the child and the family. The amount of detailed information we have on each family and child at this point varies a great deal.

You may send a check with your signed contract or pay immediately with a credit card or paypal account using this link. In either case please send the signed contract to Eva at the address listed on the contract.

FSN - Sponsor a child Project
Friendship Society Nepal (FSN) has designed the Child Sponsor project with the vision and hope that small contributions of money and supplies can benefit and even change the lives of many poor and needy children and their communities. We believe that it will change lives of much poor family.
Soon in near future Friendship Society Nepal (FSN) also plan to teach parents as well. We believe parents play a major role in their children's education, as the children spend the majority of their time at home and only five to six hours a day in school if they attend the school. Therefore, Nepal Friendship Foundation aims to work with children as well as their parents, in an effort to increase the general populations' confidence in the value of education, environment and culture.
Education is a light. It pulls the human being out of the darkness and pushes into the world of the happiness of life. Considering this, since its establishment of Friendship Society Nepal (FSN) has been supporting the needy children of Nepal.

Our selection Criteria:

a) Who comply to stop their study due to their poor financial status even though they are very intelligent in their study.

Most of the poor family could not read and write. Though they do not want to have more children, there is no way to control this. 6 to 6 bed, no awareness, no family planning, there almost every day a poor family get a unwanted child in Nepal. Having more children means need more food, and care. In other hand, a quick pregnancy, makes weak to the woman, and can't do hard labor with man. They can do household work or just a little job (if there is but hard find), and since now only a man working, naturally they have less income than before. Every day they need more food and more support, but who going to help and support them? May a young child need to stop going school, and need to support the family, this is also one of the reason while child labor still couldn't control in Nepal.

b) Parents want to keep their child to school but they can't due to very poor and who do not have any financial support.
From the very beginning they are very poor. They want to send their child to school but they do not have any financial support in order to make their child ready for school. As per our research, a parents need to have at least Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 (equivalent to US$ 15 to $ 20) a month. It is hard to save this money each month to them.
c) Children who lost their parents. Or their parents are physically or mentally disable to educate their child.

d) Family abandoned or street children
Unfortunately, there are countless numbers of local parents who are unable to send their children to school due to very low income-rates. Instead, their children often have to perform difficult manual labor from a very young age. Another major obstacle is that most of the rural population does not understand the value of education

Photos from Electricity Project
A months ago we had finished our Electricity Project to Juke in Solukhumbhu, which our project
was finished with sucesfully and had a good project for the villagers of Juke, and able to get a
New electricity in Juke which was funded by that JUKE Electricity Project was financed by our French association Expressions Partage, and TROTTE FALUN association where " LIENS located in Clisson in FRANCE"
that is to say a budget of over 10,000 EUROS and organized by Nepal Friendship Foundation in Nepal.
Our association aims at Humanitarian Aid. This association is independent of any political or religious movement and it does not receive any grant.

We collect funds from events we realise over the years such as second-hand trades, walks, receptions; but funds also mainly come from the financial help and support of our friends, members and adherents of the association, and also from small associations interested in our projects.

For JUKE project, funds were also collected from trekker friends of Spemba Tamang, and other associations like the association named LIENS located in Clisson (in France).

We help with fincancial help since 1996 and we particularly dedicate ourselves to PEROU, MALI, and now NEPAL.

Do not hesitate to visit our website: http://www.expressions-partage.com/
And also here: http://www.expressions-partage.com/html/actualite%20mars%202013.html

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