Community Health Program

Friendship Society Nepal aims to utilize volunteers with health backgrounds in rural communities. This is an essential skill in an area where people do not always have access to health facilities because the government is not able to provide adequate funding for members of the community with lower income. Additionally those residing in rural areas of Nepal are often unwilling to go to hospital or seek modern health services because of their religious and/or cultural beliefs. In conclusion many people die without receiving the benefits of modern medicine.

Friendship Society Nepal  is playing an active role in educating these rural populations, and gathering volunteers from across the globe that are experienced in the health industry and willing to offer their services. These volunteers are placed in isolated areas to provide health services that otherwise would not be accessible to members of this community. We welcome all medical students, medical professionals, health organizations and associations, or any other individuals with experience in the health industry who are willing to offer their skills to join the HFN's Community Health Program.

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