Childcare Volunteer Program

Childcare – Kathmandu

Volunteers on our Childcare project in Kathmandu work in childcare centers in a number of placements located in different areas in Kathmandu. Some placements are more rural and on the hills surrounding Kathmandu, while others are more centrally located. The specific tasks of each volunteer vary depending on the childcare centre in which the volunteer is placed and the assistance required at the time of placement. The tasks involved on the childcare project ranges from caring for children, to teaching, assisting with homework and arranging activities, such as painting, singing, and sports activities. Within our Kathmandu placements there is scope to do construction/maintenance work around the placements and our local team is very supportive of these initiatives. There is also the opportunity to work within a special needs school in central Kathmandu, where volunteers are able to assist in the education and therapy treatments for children and young adults. If you are after a challenging and rewarding volunteering experience then our Kathmandu Childcare placements are for you.

Childcare - Pokhara

Placements on our Childcare project in Pokhara are located in and around the small tourist city of Pokhara. As Pokhara is a very popular tourist destination the placements here have greatly benefited from our past volunteers, resulting in the majority of these placements being well-funded and well organized. Volunteers should expect to be focusing on sustaining these rejuvenated placements, rather than implementing and funding new initiatives. The Childcare project in Pokhara offers volunteers a platform to contribute their enthusiasm and creativity in order to brighten up the days of the children and advance their English language skills by engaging them in fun and educational activities. While these placements are reasonably well-funded, they often lack the structure that volunteers may be used to at home and volunteers are encouraged to arrive with their own initiatives and ideas of activities to arrange for the children. We encourage volunteers to not be afraid to get involved in the day-to-day running of these placements. The role of the volunteer is to act as an older sibling to the children and the specific tasks of each volunteer varies depending on the center in which the volunteer is placed and the assistance required at the time of placement. Examples of typical volunteer work can include teaching, assisting with tuition of general life skills and health education, organizing games and activities, and drawing and painting with the children. The Childcare project in Pokhara is perfect for first time volunteers or for those who have not worked within a Childcare center before.

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