Our Mission and Vision


FSN’s mission is to:

  • Strengthen the capacity of communities including poor and marginalized groups belonging to any religion, cast, sex or groups, deprived groups and children or any other needy person
  • Ensure that they are able to act independently and effectively and become self-reliant
  • Promote environmental awareness, peace, harmony, justice and sustainability. Our mission focuses on improving the well-being of small and marginalized rural community groups
  • Meet people’s needs while protecting the environment and cultural heritage, and at the same time strengthening livelihood and education
  • Sustainable management of natural resources
  • Improve livelihood in the rural places of country
  • Advocate fundamental rights of deprived communities to the policy level
  • Gender equality
  • Ensure well being of women and children by contributing towards their health and education
  • Partnering and networking with various related governmental and non governmental bodies, in Nepal and Overseas


We envision improving the livelihood of rural communities, thus combining the conservation of environment which should also enrich the lives by sustaining cultural heritages.

Our vision is to accomplish such development by creating primary support and platform for minority groups in society that will ensure their adequate living and well-being including their food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services.  


  •   Environment Conservation
  •   Sustainable Development
  •   Child Education
  •   Women Empowerment
  •   Heritages and Monuments
  •   Community Health

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