How We Are Different

Friendship Society Nepal board members are young and energetic professionals from Solukhumbu. We have witnessed hundreds of self-acclaimed social organizations collapse due to their insincerity, corruption and noncompliance of rules and regulations. Our achievements are tangible and have had a real impact on the community. We work in accordance with the policies set by the governmental Social Welfare Council. As a monitoring body, the council also supervises and evaluates the effectiveness of our projects. Since we work in our own community in Solukhumbu, we make every effort to minimize the administrative costs so as to deliver maximum benefits to the people.

Our approach in achieving our goals is what makes us successful and stand out from the myriad social organizations that exist today. Moreover, we are supported by prestigious international entities like the Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) and the Australian Embassy in Nepal which have approved, endorsed and/or funded our projects. It is also supervised and approved by the Rotary clubs of Nepal and Australia which are the main supporters of Friendship Society Nepal projects. 

Be assured that your money will be used wisely and well. Every cent donated goes directly to our projects. The volunteers from Friendship Society Nepal, their staff and other international volunteers do all the admin works. 

Whatever type of work it is, we update our donors and take them for a visit to those spots, during the work or after the project is completed.

Once the fund is donated by the donors to Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) for Friendship Society Nepal Project, the tax deduction approval is provided to those donors and we also fall under one of those organizations in it.

Friendship Society Nepal (FSN) has been rendering its services to the people living in the Sagarmatha Zone, Solukhumbhu District. Most of the projects are launched in the rural areas and the Friendship Society Nepal (FSN) has been implementing the projects on the basis of self-reliance and sustainability principles. In most of the projects the Friendship Society Nepal (FSN) has adopted a policy for 40-50 percent people’s participation and in the construction projects like drinking water and irrigation, the beneficiaries collect operation and maintenance (O&M) fund for the purpose of sustainability.

The main concept of the Friendship Society Nepal (FSN) is to uplift the socio-economic condition of the people living in the rural areas by means of income generation, by applying the improved agricultural technology to yield high agriculture production, to facilitate the people by providing drinking water and to create awareness by conducting adult literacy/post literacy programs.

The main targets for the community development are the depressed and backward classes and the focus groups are the women and children.

• Identify the needs of communities and work towards fulfilling them.
• Provides support for the micro-hydro scheme across the district.
• Conducts training and workshops inside and outside organization.
• Runs activities, events with collaboration of government and non-government organizations.
• Help communities to preserve their local culture and heritage.
• Mobilizes organization’s resources for natural disasters across the district and launch rehabilitation programme for the affected individual or families in conjunction with the activities of other organizations.
• Organizing inter/intra district extra-curricular activity competitions.

Where possible we use locally available manpower and resources to implement our projects, thus supporting the local economy. The methods and materials that we utilize ensure minimal impact to the environment and the community, while providing efficient, sustainable and tangible results.

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