cleanliness Program

Cleanliness Program

Phewa lake cleaning | House Cleaning | Room Cleaning | orphanage cleaning

Participate in Ponds, lakes rivers cleaning programs

Water is base of life. These days water bodies are being polluted The famous lakes of Nepal like Phewa lake ,Rara lake, Begnas Lake, twenty thousand lake in chitwan as well as major ponds and rivers near by cities are getting polluted .This is bringing the disbalance in the eco system. We can give message by cleaning certain water body or part of lake, pond etc.

Volunteers if they are skilled can show how to make paper from the water-hyacinths and used paper that were the main polluters of the lake, to provide a sustainable, income-generating incentive to help keep the lake clean.

Through this project, we wanted to:

• clean up the lake/water bodies

• raise anti-littering awarenes

• create a long-term impact by introducing recycling methods

• demand immediate action for cleaning lakes.

• join community cleaning and sanitation action and awareness program.

Construction volunteering in Nepal after earthquake reconstruction nepal

Nepal is second richest country in the water resources of the world. Nepal is very rich country in the world for other resources like minerals, jungle, human resource etc but it is still a poorest country in the map of the world. Nepal government is not able to give adequate fund to the local organizations, social organizations etc. More than 35% of the total population lives still under the extreme poverty with income less than a dollar a day.

The organizations like schools, libraries, orphanage homes, community buildings, cultural heritage sites etc are in very need of construction works like building a room, toilets, walls, fences etc. If you would like to help Nepal, learn in Nepal the basic architectural of Nepali construction; you are welcome to Nepal for construction volunteering program.

In construction volunteering volunteers will be making small houses for very poor and homeless people of the villages, construction of school buildings, Construction of public toilets which can benefit large number of people. The school construction is very important construction work to do in Nepal. When you see school building in rural parts of Nepal, you will be amazed. We human beings are here on the Earth to construct not to destroy.

Please contact us for construction volunteering program. You can raise fund, form a group and come Nepal for construction volunteering or you can join in the volunteering programs where construction is going on. We will choose a best place for you.

Nepal was hit by worse Earthquake on 25 April, 2015. In many districts of mid and western Nepal, many structures are destroyed by Earthquake. The victims of Nepal Earthquake disaster in great need of helping hands. Volunteer to help reconstruct Nepal. The social organizations like school, libraries, and community buildings are in great need. The houses where single widow live, only elderly people live living under bad condition. Come Nepal and learn from Nepal helping Nepal making construction that benefits the community and families.

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