Lura, Gyamdanda Forestry Community Group

Lura, Gyamdanda Forestry Community Group

Biodiversity and livelihood of local communities are always interlinked with one another.More than half of the population in our countrydepends on agriculture and forest for their livelihood. FSN launched the project of Forestry community group in Lura, Gyamdanda in Solukhmbu where our main objective was to promote community forest management and natural recourses and biodiversity conservation to improve livelihoods of marginalized communityand farmers in the village.

Climate change and urbanization are the main reason for the deterioration our biodiversity. In such circumstances conducting a community forest programme was vital as it would improve the capacity of people based on agroforestry and ultimately enhance their livelihood and food security. It would also improve the productivity of agriculture land. The project also paved a way towards the fulfillment of the basic needs of poor people by managing resources in a sustainable way.

Under the FSN’s Community forest project we focused on sustainable forest management, community participation in biodiversity management, ecosystem management, capacity building and making people aware about the importance of natural resources and bio diversity. The project was supported by donation from Australia where we were able to generate a total budget of Rs.1, 50,000.

Name of the areas: Lura-9 Solukhumbhu

No. of Family: 125

Budget: Rs.1, 50,000

Donors: Donors of Australia

Outcomes of the project:

  • We witnessed an improved management of agro forestry and community forestry systems through our project in the village
  • New markets were developed where the local people were able to sell their products in local market which was a great source of income generation for them.
  • Rehabilitation of the degraded, unutilized and abandoned agriculture lands through cultivation and tree plantation.
  • Improved livelihood of local community people.
  • Improved environment and biodiversity conservation.

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