Drinking water projects of Forestry Community

Drinking water projects of Forestry Community

Friendship Society Nepal launched the Drinking Water Project in Lura-9 Solukhumbhuwith the objective of increasing people's accessibility in safe drinking water and sanitation and expanding their knowledge and awareness for better health. We choose to carry the project in Lura village considering that the fresh and portable drinking water was the basic need of the community people of the village.

The health problems that are caused by drinking impure water are among the most common problems of our country. Due to the reason, infant and child mortality rate has sky rocketed. The sickness caused by drinking impure water eventually hampers the overall sector of society including child education, household works etc. Hence it was extremely important to launch drinking water project in these areas.

Due to the lack of education and awareness on hygiene and sanitation people tend to drink the contaminated water which causes numerous health problems. Our drinking water project on Lura VDC dramatically changed health status of the village people in a very short span of time.

The project also emphasized on community participation on various levels of project activities creating employment and learning opportunities for the local people. Our community based project was funded by donors from Australia and we were able to generate around Rs.1, 20,000.

Name of the areas: Lura-9 Solukhumbhu

No. of Family: 45

Budget: Rs. 1, 20,000

Donors: Australian Donors

Outcome of the project:

  • We were able to provide safe drinking water and sanitation facilities to at least 45families of the village.
  • We witnessed improved sanitation and health anddeath and mortality rate with rapid awareness and education in the basic health issues.
  • Through the drinking water project we were able to get the local people involved till the completion of the project and hence created opportunities and learning experience for them.
  • Improvement in women and child health

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