Electricity Projects I

Electricity Projects I

Lack of access to electricity in the rural parts of Nepal has been the biggest disadvantage and a major challenge for the country’s socioeconomic growth. Considering that electricity is the basic input for any kind of bigger or a smaller production be it agricultural, farm, commercial or any kind of industry, Friendship Society Nepal geared up to launch an electricity project in one of the most rural villages of Nepal, Juke-6,Solukhumbhu district. Only 18% of country’s population has access to electricity in Nepal. Rural areas are far down the receiving line. According to the empirical data, only six percent of people living in the rural lands have access to electricity. However, rural electrification is not really an easy andcost effective process due to the difficult and some inaccessible geographical structures of the country.

The objective of the project was tolight as manyhouses possible in the Juke village and the cause were generously supported by donors from France. We were able to generate total budget of Rs.11, 99,799 for the project. When most of the urban cities of Nepal had been facing severe power cuts, spanning over 12 hours a day, the villagers of Juke had a reason to rejoice and celebrate as at least 29 families were benefited from our electricity project.

Name of the areas: Juke-6 Solukhumbhu

No. of Families benefited: 29

Budget: 11,99,799

Donors: France

Outcome of the Project:

  • The families’ access to electricity turned out to be a vital input in the process of their socio-economic development.
  • With increased access to energy the living standards of people increased simultaneously.With our project we were able to provide some employment facilities to the local men and women from which they were able to generate some income.
  • Industrial growth was rapid and hence the opportunities became boundless.
  • The electricity provided the school run smoothly with access to new technology and the students could easily study at their home after school.

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