LuraSamlingGumba Re building Projects

LuraSamlingGumba Re building Projects

Temples, monasteries, stupas and monuments are the glory of our country. These heritages are of endless significance. But these heritages face challenges time and again due to various reasons. Some of them are urbanization, modernity, their age and sometime even due to natural disaster. Because of their historical, cultural and mythological importance many community and national based organization has been working for the preservation, conservation and development of these heritages in Nepal. Though everyone seems concerned over the deterioration of heritages in the main cities, the beautiful temples and monasteries in the rural lands has been totally neglected by both government and the people.

Friendship Society Nepal believes that it is essential that we recognize the rural heritages as one of country’s’ most precious assets. We must ensure its protection. Hence, FSN has been working on the reconstruction of this beautiful monument in rural places of Nepal. And LuraSamlingGumba Re building Project is one of those initiations. The monastery was re constructed with the support of donors from Australia, Nepal, France, Europe and Nepal Government. With the generated budget of Rs.24,00,000 we were able to build it back which was partially destroyed by the earthquake on April 25.

FSN’s main objective of the project was to rebuild the identity of the village by rebuilding it’s decades old monastery and offering opportunities for local people by using local resources which will ultimately lead to sustainability and eventually draw revenue from tourism. The project was a huge success and that was possible only due to theinvolvement of the local people.

Name of the areas: Lura-9 Solukhumbhu

No. of Family: 145 including Lura, Rosi, Arubot, and Boldo VDC

Budget: Rs. 24,00,000

Donors: Donors from Australia, Nepal, France, Europe, Nepal Government etc.


Outcome of the project:

  • By re constructing years old monastery that carried a huge significance for that place we were able to re-establish the identity of Lura village.
  • The local people were benefitted from the employment opportunities.
  • The uses of local recourses in re building lead the way to sustainable growth of the society.
  • A community group was formed for the further protection and conservation of the monastery.

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