Women Community Group Projects

Women Community Group Projects

Besides being a country with great a geographic, cultural and religious diversity, Nepal is also famous for its patriarchal practices. The status of women can be totally defined by the patriarchal social system and values in the society. And there is no denying that the condition of women in our country is extremely poor or we can even call it “too severe” as compared to that of men in all sectors including health, education, socio-economic, decision-making and basic human rights.

The status of women in rural societies was the worst of all until women until various national and international NGOs and INGOs started conducting women empowerment programmes in the rural villages. FSN is one of them. Our women community group project in Lura, Solukhumbu focused on providing opportunities for women of that village to develop skills and knowledge that makes them able to break the chain of typical cultural and social stereotypes and help them lead an independent life. Our programmes included vocational trainings, agriculture training, health and sanitation trainings, skill development training, monetary support etc. The primary objective of our programme was to provide free skills training to the rural and poor community women with special priority to the abused discriminated and physically challenged ones.

The project was targeted for the women of 45 families in the village and the cause was generously supported by donors from Australia. For the project duration of 5 years FSN was able to generate handsome funds of 20,000 per year. Now the women of Lura village of Solukhumbu have become more confident, more independent and more aware.

Name of the areas: Lura-9 Solukhumbhu

No. of Family: 45

Budget: 20,000/ year

Donors: Donors of Australia


Outcome of the project:

  • Women of 45 families of the Lura village were given various trainings, education and awareness programmes.
  • The women of the village are now able to participate in various social activities and also involve in community health and sanitation programmes.
  • Women from lower cultural background, who were once abused and discriminated and those who are physically challenged, now prefer to make a presence in every community activities rather than hiding inside the four walls of their house.

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